Akano Sanjo
赤野三条 Akano Sanjo
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Age 16
Gender Female
Season Angel Tale Pretty Cure
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Birthdate December 12
Eye Color Dark brown (Sanjo)

Brown (Cure Dragon)

Hair Color Indian red (Sanjo)

Red (Cure Dragon

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Alter Ego Cure Dragon
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Akano Sanjo is one of the protogonists from Angel Tale Pretty Cure. She studies at Sunny Smile High School.  She becomes fourth Pretty Cure. Sanjo lives in a very rich family. Her house and clothes are more in Japanese traditional style. Her alter ego is Cure Dragon (キュアドラゴン Kyua Doragon) and her mascot is Maon.


Meeting RingoEdit

A few minutes before Sanjo meets Ringo at the first time she was walking on the street by enjoying the faint breeze. Suddenly she looked at the girl, who was uselessly protecting from some boys.

Becoming Cure DragonEdit


Sanjo is a very popular girl in her school. Many girls want to be lilke her. Also Sanjo has perfect fighting skills. However she is very feminine and elegant. She is very polite and noble girl, who has an honest, courageous heart. Anyone can make her angry very easily. A stubborn one, which is very quick-tempered. In the begining Sanjo disliked Ringo and other Pretty Cures.

Cure DragonEdit

Saint flame of courage, Cure Dragon!

勇気の聖炎、キュアドラゴン !

Yūki no seien, Kyua Doragon!

Cure Dragon (キュアドラゴン Kyua Doragon) is Sanjo's alter ego. She has a power of fire.


  • Pretty Cure! Burning Bomb! (プリキュア!バーニングボム!Purikyua! Bāningu Bomu!)
  • Pretty Cure! Dancing Fire! (プリキュア!ダンシングファイヤー ! Purikyua! Danshingu Faiyā!)


  • Dragon Katana (ドラゴンカタナ Doragon Katana)