The Flower Sprites (フラウワスポライト Furauwa Suporaito?) are the fairies of the Heart Tree. unlike the original Heartcatch mascots, the Flower Sprites formed into colorful Heaven Coins.


List of Flower SpritesEdit

There is an indeterminate number of Flower Sprites to the series.

Image Name Nihongo Color Ability
Loli ロリ Pink Ressembles the Cherry Blossom ( Sakura?), meaning "kind and gentle".
Winnie ウィニー Light Blue Ressembles the Cosmo flower (コスモの花 Kosumo no hana?), meaning "peaceful".
Vine バイン Lime Ressembles the Iris (菖蒲 Ayame?), meaning "good news, and glad tidings".
Golly ガリー Yellow Ressembles the Sunflower (ヒマワリ Himawari?), meaning "adoration, brightness".
Majomeru 魔女メル Purple Ressembles the Moonflower (夕顔 Yuugao?), meaning "nocturnal fragance".
Opera オペラ White Ressembles the Morning Glory (朝顔 Asagao?), meaning "willful promises"
Hail ヘイル Aquamarine Ressembles the Flax (フラクス Furakusu?), meaning "naive"
Glitter グリッター Orange Ressembles the Honeysuckle (忍冬 Suikazura?), meaning "generous"
Carrie ケリー Red Ressembles the Zinnia (百日草 Hyakunichisou?), meaning "loyalty"
Button バトン Blue Ressembles the Violet ( Sumire?), meaning "honesty"
Everfree エヴァフリー Lilac Ressembles the Lavender (ラベンダー Rabendaa?), meaning "faithful"
Miriri ミリリ Hot Pink Ressembles the Orchid ( Ran?), meaning "delicate beauty"
Pip ピプ Lemon Yellow Ressembles the Daisy (雛菊 Hinagaku?), meaning "hope or faith of the truth"
Gland グランド Green Ressembles the Holly (ホーリー Hoorii?), meaning "looking for"
Cupid キュピド Cyan Ressembles the Lotus (蓮華 Renge?), meaning "purity"


  • Some of the Flower Sprites are earlier seen in the Heart Perfume merchandise, typically that they do not appear in the Heartcatch Pretty Cure prequel.
  • This is the seventh set of fairy-like creatures in the series. The first are the Heartiels in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, the second are the spirits in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, the third are the Pinkies in Yes! Pretty Cure 5, the fourth are the Palmins in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, the fifth are the Pickruns of Fresh Pretty Cure!, and the sixth are the Fairy Tones in Suite Pretty Cure♪.
    • This is the second set of fairy-like creatures who have gems or jewels as accessories, preceded by the Fairy Tones from Suite Pretty Cure♪.
    • Also the second group of fairies who have human traits, preceded by the Heartiels in Pretty Cure Max Heart and followed by the Guardian Characters in Shugo Chara! Pretty Cure.