Galette is one of the primary mascots of Pretty Cure:The Movie. She is fortunately a Heartcatch mascot and Yukishiro Honoka's new and special fairy partner. She have a habit of saying "~poru" at the end of her sentence.


Leaving the Heartcatch GalaxyEdit

After the Heartcatch Galaxy was protected from the JigSaws, many fairies enjoyed having fun, but the JigSaws appeared to petrify the Heartcatch Galaxy. Galette and the others started fleeing to Earth. Some fo the fairies are killed by them.

Meeting HonokaEdit

After Mepple and Mipple died, Pollun and Lulun starts hiding. Galette falls to Honoka's room, but she dodged the hit before Galette was smashed by the wall.

Galette explains what was happening to the Heartcatch Galaxy, and wanted her to save the galaxy. Honoka refuses to save the world, pondering that she doesn't have Mipple with her. Galette starts whimpering and pleading her to do it. Honoka reunited, tunring her into Cure Cloud.


  • Galette is the only fairy mascot who was the Heartcatch mascot. The others are Chypre, Coffret, Potpourri, and Colgne. Yet, her ears are like Coffret.