Heartcatch Pretty Cure Cosmic
ハートキャッチプリキュア! コスミック
(Haatokyatchi Purikyua! Kosumikku)
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Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Cosmic (ハートキャッチプリキュア! コスミック Haatokyatchi Purikyua! Kosumikku?) is the fan sequel of the seventh Pretty Cure series, Heartcatch Pretty Cure, created by Caramelangel714. This season maintains it motif for flowers and Hanakotoba references. Although there are many known Pretty Cures, Kurumi Erika was replaced by a new member, Haruzora Maka. There will be some drastic changes to several of Pretty Cures and sequences.


After the defeat of the Desert Apostles, a new demon seed was hidden and dropped to the Pacific Ocean in Europe. The Demon Seed grows into the five dark warriors, the Wilting Apostles. They've awakened Lestat, a vampire in France.

Hanasaki Tsubomi continues her adventure with Kurumi Erika, Myoudouin Itsuki, and Tsukikage Yuri. Worse of all, Erika receives her unsuccessful behavior (flashback of how she failed the Mirage Test). The Cures meet a new transferred student, Haruzora Maka. As Erika grew jealous and furious of her friendship, Maka becomes the new Pretty Cure, Cure Cosmo. Erika then loses strength, but was united by the Wilting Apostles. In loose, the Flower Sprites are scattered around the whole area. With the help of the other Cures, the Heartcatch gang make a glance at one mysterious world that encounters both the Pretty Cure Palace and the Desert Palace.


Pretty CuresEdit

Hanasaki Tsubomi (花咲つぼみ Hanasaki Tsubomi?)/Cure Blossom (キュアブラサム Kyua Burasamu?)
A second year junior high school student, who can be timid, yet, she was attractive by planting flowers. Her used alter ego is Cure Blossom. She represents the cherry blossom, defining her as The Flower of Compassion.

Haruzora Maka (春空まか Haruzora Maka?)/Cure Cosmo (キュアコスモ Kyua Kosumo?)
The new transferred student, who replaced Kurumi Erika. Her alter ego is Cure Cosmo. She represents the cosmo flower, which defines her as the Flower of Respect.

Tsukikage Yuri (月影ゆり Tsukikage Yuri?)/Cure Moonlight (キュアムーンライト Kyua Muunraito?)
Yuri is the first Pretty Cure to save the Heart Tree, but loses Cologne, her fairy partner. She then allies with Coffret, Erika's fairy partner. She is sometimes a bit silent. Her original alter ego is Cure Moonlight. She represents the moonlight rose, defining her as the Flower of Delicateness.

Myoudouin Itsuki (明堂院いつき Myoudouin Itsuki?)/Cure Sunshine (キュアサンシャイン Kyua Sanshain?)
Tsubomi and Moyoko's older friend as the school president, but retired (since the last episode). Itsuki is noble and kind-hearted, and settles in to work up with the others. Her used alter ego is Cure Sunshine. She represents the sunflower, defining her as the Flower of Integrity.

Midoriaki Ayame (緑秋あやめ Midoriaki Ayame?)/Cure Iris (キュアアイリス Kyua Airisu?)
Her alter ego is Cure Iris. She represents the iris, defining her as the Flower of Valor.

Kurumi Momoka (来海ももか Kurumi Momoka?)/Cure Nautica (キュアノーティカ Kyua Nootika?)
Kurumi Erika's older sister, who is portrayed as a mature role model in, making Erika envious. Similar to her, Momoka is slightly jealous to Erika's normal life. After getting use of her consequence, she was chosen to be a Pretty Cure to save Erika. Her alter ego is Cure Violet. She represents the water violet, defining her as the Flower of Confidence.

Lia Hua (リア•フア Riu Fua?)/Cure Lotus (キュアロータス Kyua Rootasu?)
A collected, rather cheeky, foreigner from Beijing, China. Her alter ego is Cure Lotus. She represents the lotus flower, defining her as the Flower of Purity.

Shiku Nanami (志久ななみ Shiku Nanami?)/Cure Lavender (キュアラベンダー Kyua Rabendaa?)
One of Tsubomi and Erika's friends. Chosen to be a Pretty Cure, her alter ego is Cure Lavender. She represents the lavender, defining her as the Flower of Sincerity.

Tamada Harumi (魂田はるみ Tamada Harumi?)/Cure Poppy (キュアポッピー Kyua Poppii?)
Chosen to be a Pretty Cure, her alter ego is Cure Poppy. She represents the red poppy, defining her as the Flower of Pleasure.

Uzumaki Suzu (渦巻スズ Uzumaki Suzu?)Cure Bell (キュアベル Kyua Beru?)
Chosen to be a Pretty Cure, her alter ego is Cure Bell. She represents the Chinese bellflower, defining her as the Flower of Trust.

Trish Falldown (トリッシュ•フォールダウン Torishhu Foorudaun?)/Cure Vanilla (キュアバニラ Kyua Banira?)
A hotheaded, but charismatic 17-year-old, who mysteriously meets Momoka; a female beam katana wielder. Her alter ego is Cure Daisy. She represents the vanilla orchid, defining her as the Flower of Encouragement.

Vickie Espresso (ヴィッキー•エスプレソ Vikkii Esupureso?)/Cure Chocolate (キュアチョコレート Kyua Chokoreeto?)
Her alter ego is Cure Chocolate. She represents the brown calia lily, defining her as the Flower of Magnificence.

Cure Tulip (キュアチューリップ Kyua Chuurippu?)
She represents the orange tulip, defining her as the Flower of Energy.

Blizzard Jasmine (ブリザードジャスミン Burizaado Jasumin?)
She represents the jasmine, defining her as the Flower of Grace.


Chypre (シプレ Shipure?)
Tsubomi's fairy partner.

Linen (リネン Rinen?)
Maka's fairy partner.

Plum (プラム Puramu?)
Yuri's new fairy partner.

Potpourri (ポプリ Popuri?)
Itsuki's fairy partner.

Musk (モスク Mosuku?)
Ayame's fairy partner.

Coffret (コフレ Kofure?)
Erika's fairy partner, and later, Momoka's new fairy partner.

Angel (エンジェル Enjeru?)
Nanami's fairy partner.

Muguet (ミュゲ Myuge?)
Rumi's fairy partner.

Ori (オリ?)
Lia Hua's fairy partner.

Marble (マーブル Maaburu?)
Trish's fairy partner.

Gourma (ゴーマ Gooma?)
Vickie's fairy partner.

Coupe (コッペ Koppe?)
The head mascot

Antagonists/Wilt ApostlesEdit

Other CharactersEdit


Flower Sprites
the Flower Sprites are the guardians of the Heart Tree, also transformed into Heaven Coins.


Heart Perfumes
The Cures' main transformation items; they are later upgraded in this season.

Heart Seed
The main collectibles.

Heart Pot

Heartcatch Mirage



  • This is the first season that replaces the secondary cure, Cure Marine, by a new character, under the name of Cure Cosmo.
  • This is the first fan sequel to be created by Caramelangel714.
    • This is also the fan sequel to be created first.