Hoshina Sayaka
保科さやか Hoshina Sayaka
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Age 14
Gender Female
Season New Story! New Pretty Cure!
Birthplace Unknown
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Eye Color Pink (Sayaka)
Bright Pink (Cure Story)
Hair Color Pink (Sayaka)
Bright Pink (Cure Story)
Family Hoshina Mai (sister)
Hoshina Yuya (brother)
Hoshina Yukako (mother)
Hoshina Ryo (father)
Blu (pet bluebird)
Alter Ego Cure Story
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Hoshina Sayaka (also known as Tay Tay (cause someone calls her wrong name) is one of the four main characters of New Story! New Pretty Cure!. Her alter ego is Cure Story.


Moving to StorykoEdit

Calling her Wrong NameEdit

Sayaka met her first friend Tani Jun (also known as Jewel) calling her wrong name "Tay Tay" for reasons. But everyone else calls her correct name.

Becoming a Pretty CureEdit


Cure StoryEdit


Special AttacksEdit


  • She resembles her strength, similar to Red Bird's strength.