Hoshiro Panini
星ろ ピカレ Hoshiro Panini
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Age 11
Gender Female
Season Pretty Cure Galaxy
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Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Yellow (Cure Flash)

Brown (Panini)

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Alter Ego Cure Flash
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Pikale is one of the main Cures of Pretty Cure Galaxy. She is an energetic girl, yet, scatterbrained. Her alter ego is Cure Flash (キュアフラッシュ Kyua Furasshu?), who is the element of lightning, and her mascot is Daffodil. Panini's symbol is the yellow Saturn planet symbol.



Cure FlashEdit

"The element of lightning, the striking storm, Cure Flash!"
"Kaminari no youso, inshou tekina arashi, Kyuafurasshu!"

Cure Flash (キュアフラッシュ Kyua Furasshu?) is Panini's alter ego. Unlike the other Cures, Cure Flash has the ability to speed up or use sonic speed. When losing her speed power, she may slip when not looking. Her element is Lightining, main weapon is the Flash Hammer, and her planetary aspect is Saturn.


  • Flash Clasher (フラッシュクラッシャ Furasshu Kurassha?)
  • Pretty Cure Saturn Saucer (プリキュアサターンソーサー Purikyua Sataan Soosaa?)-Cure Flash uses this attack to finish the enemy off.


  • Cure Flash is the one of the Cures whose aspect is Lightining, preceded by Cure Peace and followed by Cure Diamond and Cure Topaz.
  • Cure Flash's alter ego was comically based on one of the DC superheroes, Flash, as of her super spped.
  • Cure Flash's Saturn Saucer was identical to Krillin's Destructo Disk.