キバサ Kibasa
Alias(es) The Skull Girl
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Age 12
Gender Female
Season Pretty Cure + Shugo Chara! with Skullgirls
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Eye Color Mahogany
Hair Color Hazel
Family Futaba (middle sister)

Hitoha (younger sister)

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Theme Ego {{{motif}}}

Kibasa is one of the antagonists of the Pretty Cure crossovers, and the main antagonist of the final crossover, Pretty Cure + Shugo Chara with Skullgirls.


Kibasa's real name revealed to be Mitsuba.


Kibasa appears to be a slightly pale-skinned middle school girl with hazel-colored hair tied in short double ponytails asher short reached to her neck. Like the previous Skull Girl, Marie, her eyes are red and have skulls on her pupils.


Hey, that guy looks familiar to me...-Honoka
Emo Crys
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