Siren/Kurokawa Ellen
セイレーン/ 黑川 エレン Saireen/Kurokawa Eren
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Age 14
Gender Female
Season Suite Pretty Cure♪
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Eye Color Gold (Cure Beat)

Olive (Siren and Ellen)

Hair Color Lavender (Cure Beat)

Violet (Ellen)

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Alter Ego Cure Beat
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Theme Ego La

Ellen is one of the official characters of the Pretty Cure franchise and one of the main Cures of Suite Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Beat (キュアビート Kyua Biito?) and her mascot is Lary, a blue Fairy Tone to transform with.



Before being brainwashed Siren was a kind cat. She always cared for Hummy dispite her being naivee to most things. However she could get very envious of other people's achievements, such as when Aphrodite chose Hummy over her to sing the Melody of Happiness. After being hired by Mephisto she was cold, calculating, un-sympethetic and unwilling to open up to people. But there was still good in her, when Hummy managed to convince her that she was blindly following Mephisto and was being used. Her earphones broke and became Cure Beat.

As Ellen, she underwent a dramatic personality change. She has become more upbeat and cheerful. She was also shown to be much kinder, but with this newfound kindness also came a streak of naivety, such as being easily offended or being prone to childish fears. After a chat with Hibiki and Kanade she became exicted at the prospect of starting school. So much so, she spent the whole night practicing her introductory speech, showing just how passionate and commited she was to being accepted as a friend.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

Ellen's symbol is a violet heart-shaped electric guitar.

In the Mega Man crossover, her special alter ego is Time Beat (タイムビート Taimu Biito?), combining with Time Man's power.

Bird BeatEdit

Time BeatEdit

"The celtic tune of a secret clock, Time Beat!"
"Himitsu no kurokku no keruto chuun, Taimubiito!"




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Kurokawa Ellen is an official character from Pretty Cure.

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