Lucille Angles
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Age 14
Gender Female
Season Pretty Cure Cold&Sweet
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Birthdate March 11
Eye Color Grey(Lucille)

White(Cure Vanilla)

Hair Color Light blue(Lucille)

Blond(Cure Vanilla)

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Alter Ego Cure Vanilla
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Lucille Angles is the main protagonist in Pretty Cure Cold & Sweet. She is kind-harted, shy, naive, romantic and tender. Lucille is a bookworm and she writes books. Often Lucille seems very silly. She is Danette's classmate and best friend.


Lucille is a kind and tender girl that fond of reading books. Her naive and shy nature makes her clumsy. She has a large fantasy that helps her when she write books. Lucille is very funny and often laughs. But sometimes she is sad and unsure in herself.


Becoming Cure VanillaEdit

Lucille was reading a book when Mirabelle was telling about Evil Creams and magical world. She asked to repead, but Puff feel something strange and Mirabelle ran away from Danette and Lucille. She transformed into Cure Caramel and begin to fight with Misufa. Lucille comes nearer to Cure Caramel and protect her from another blow. Then Danette ran and striked Misufa. Sironi and Mironi gives them Ice Cream Cryctals. Lucille and Danette transformed with their items and mascots into Cure Vanilla and Cure Choclate.

Cure VanillaEdit

"The cold sweetness of tenderness, Cure Vanilla!"

"La douceur froide de la tendresse, Cure Vanilla!"

  • Alter Ego: Cure Vanilla
  • Transformation phrase: Pretty Cure! Cream Freezing! (Pretty Cure! Gel Crème!)
  • Attack: Pretty Cure! Romantic Snowfall! (Pretty Cure! Chutes de Neige Romantiques!)