Mai Homura
チェンマイほむら Mai Homura
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Age 12
Gender Female
Season Pretty Cure Mix!
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Alter Ego Cure Rush
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Mai Homura is the main protogonist of Pretty Cure Mix!. She is a leader and the smartest of the team. Her alter ego is Cure Rush (キュアラッシュ Kyua Rashu)


Homura is an exellent student, who has a big passion to study and likes to do everything by herself. She has a hot-blooded and passionate personality. Though she is the favorite student for teachers, all of her classmates hate her. Her classmates think that she is a jackanapes, so she is a very unpopular girl at school and often taunts other students because she thinks they are stupid. However she is more friendly in fact. Before meeting Haruka Homura didn't have any friend. Because Homura thought, that she doesn't need them. At the beginning she couldn't accept the fact that she should fight against evil with Haruka and felt other Pretty Cures only as teammates, not as friends.


Becoming Cure RushEdit


Kimino Haruka - The girls didn't get along at first, but then they become very close friends.


Cure RushEdit