Mayu Ringo
まゆ りんご Mayu Ringo
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Age 14
Gender Female
Season Angel Tale Pretty Cure
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Birthdate June 7
Eye Color Light Brown(Ringo) Red(Cure Twinkle)
Hair Color Violet(Ringo) Lilac(Cure Twinkle)
Family Mayu Utau(younger sister)
Alter Ego Cure Twinkle
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Mayu Ringo is Angel Tale Pretty Cure's main character. She is a leader of her team and a new student in Sunny Smile Middle School. Her classmate best friend is Tachibana Usagi. Ringo has a habit of saying "Impossible!" when she is very excited, happy or when something is "impossible boring..." how she says. Even she is a good friend Ringo isn't very reliable leader.


Ringo is a bright and emotional girl. She has a very confident personality. But in the middle of the episodes she loses her confidence and turns to a self-critical girl, she thinks she can't be leader anymore. Ringo gets excited easily by whatever how the things go. She can be too much girly and coquettish.


Tachibana Usagi

Ringo's best friend. Usagi always supports and soothes her when she worried. They are often seen together. Usagi helped her classmates to know more about Ringo.

Matsutawa Pikarin Though their personalities are slightly similar they are often in disagreements and have constant quarrels.

Cure TwinkleEdit

"Saint light of hope, Cure Twinkle!

希望の聖光, キュアティンクル!

Kibo no seiko, Kyua Tinkuru!

Cure Twinkle (キュアティンクル Kyua Tinkuru) is Ringo's alter ego. She has a power of stars.


  • Pretty Cure Shining Star Laser! (プリキュアシャイニングスターレーザー! Purikyua Shainingu Sutā Rēzā!)
  • Pretty Cure Starfall Shower! (プリキュアスターフォールシャワー!Purikyua Sutāfōru Shawā!)


  • Twinkle Wand (ティンクルワンド Tinkuru Wando)


  • Ringo is the second lead Cure to not have any hobbies. The first was Yumehara Nozomi.