Minamino Kanade
南野 かなで Minamino Kanade
Alias(es) The Maid of Light (title)
Race {{{race}}}
Age 14 (Suite Pretty Cure)

15 (Pretty Cure Galaxy)

Gender Female
Season Suite Pretty Cure, Pretty Cure Galaxy
Birthplace {{{home}}}
Birthdate May 25th, 1996
Eye Color Chartreuse
Hair Color Blonde (Cure Rhythm)

White (Cure Stardust) Walnut (Kanade)

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Alter Ego Cure Rhythm (Suite Pretty Cure)

Cure Stardust (Pretty Cure Galaxy)

Attribute {{{attribute}}}
Theme Ego Re (Cure Rhythm)

Venus (Cure Stardust)

Kanade is one of the official characters of the Pretty Cure franchise and one of the main Cures of Suite Pretty Cure♪. Her alter ego is Cure Rhythm (キュアリズム Kyua Rizumu?) and her mascot is Rery, a White Fairy Tone to transform.



Kanade is very calm and quiet-natured, a huge contrast to Hibiki. On several occasions, Kanade has exerpted examples of elegance and maturity, pursuing goals such as cooking. Depsite her womanly nature, though, she can also be very stubborn and will almost refuse to admit that she's wrong. She is also prone to feelings of inadequacy, making her a bit competetive by nature and forces her to set extremely high short-term goals.

Being the most mature of the group, Kanade has taken on a sort of mother-figure to the others. Though she can be stern to others, especially towards Hibiki and her younger brother, she just cares for them deeply and doesn't realize why her fussing tends to push them away.

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Kanade continues her secondary role in the Pretty Cure Movie. Her new mascot is Fifi, and her element is Light. Kanade's symbol is the white Venus planet symbol. Kanade's title is The Maid of Light (光の女中 Hikari no jochuu?).

In the Mega Man crossover, her special alter ego is Crystal Rhythm (クリスタルリズム Kurisutaru Rizumu?), combining with Crystal Man's power.

In Pretty Cure Galaxy, Her new alter ego is Cure Stardust (キュアスターダスト Kyua Sutaadasuto?). Her planetary aspect is Venus.



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  • Pretty Cure Venus Lumanario (プリキュアヴィイナスルマナリオ Purikyua Viinasu Rumanario?)


  • Known to be chosen as the main character of the fan reboot movie, she may be the new Lead Cure of the Suite Cures (this attempts that her sub color reveals to be pink), replacing Hibiki. Exceptions are Hanasaki Tsubomi and Aida Mana, as they are already lead Cures with pink theme colors.


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Minamino Kanade is an official character from Pretty Cure.

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