New Story! New Pretty Cure!
(Nyuu Sutoorii! Nyuu Puri Kyua!)
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DirectorPinga Bird
SuccessorDark Pretty Cure

New Story! New Pretty Cure! is the Konami series of the previous Pretty Cure series. The Pretty Cure series almost have a mix of Smile Pretty Cure!, Minecraft, Angry Birds, Elsword and Pokemon Black and White.


The Story Land has became smaller and weaker because of the Dead Bookers.

Sayaka has moved to Storyko and meets Rina, Nana and Leiko.


Pretty CuresEdit

Hoshina Sayaka/Cure Story
Also known as Tay Tay (after someone's calling a wrong name), Sayaka is a 14-years-old girl, 9th grader and the leader of the team. Her alter ego is Cure Story. Her theme colour is bright pink and her sub colour is magenta.

Nagi Rina/Cure Book
Rina is a 13-years-old girl, 8th grader and the co-leader of the team. Her alter ego is Cure Book. Her theme colour is ocean blue and her sub colour is midnight blue.

Ikua Nana/Cure Dairy
Nana is a 15-years-old girl, 10th grader and the member of the team. Her alter ego is Cure Dairy. Her theme colour is sand yellow and her sub colour is golden-yellow.

Yamzi Leiko/Cure Notebook
Leiko is a 16-years-old girl, 11th grader and the member of the team. Her alter ego is Cure Notebook. Her theme colour is lime green and her sub color is kelly green.

Yukishiro Kanon/Cure Comic
Kanon is Honoka's evil sister, 17-years-old girl and 12th grade but she will be a new cure. Her new alter ego is Cure Comic. Her theme colour is reddish-brown and her sub color is maroon.

Mascots (Story Land)Edit

Also known as Sully (as his middle name but call him a wrong name as well), Blu is not a mascot, it's just Sayaka's pet bluebird.

A spider-like mascot who was very mean. He is Sayaka's partner.

A silverfish-like mascot who was very intelligent by directions. She is Rina's partner.

A canary-like mascot who was sweet. He is Nana's partner.

A toucan-like mascot who was friendly and loving. She is Leiko's partner.

A cat-like mascots who was active. She is Kanon's new partner. She likes a mascot from the Suite.

Villans (Dead Bookers)Edit

Also known as Marth (after Sayaka calls it wrong), a male enderman-like villan and the leader of the Dead Bookers. He likes the mobs from the Minecraft.


Tani Jun
Also known as Jewel (after met and calls her a wrong name), Jun is Sayaka's friend.


Hoshina Yukako
Sayaka's mother.

Hoshina Ryo
Sayaka's father.

Hoshina Mai
Sayaka's 12-years-old sister who was in 7th grade.

Hoshina Yuya
Sayaka's 17-years-old brother who was in 12th grade.

Nagi Mami
Rina's mother.

Nagi Ayumu
Rina's father.

Ikua Sora
Nana's mother.

Ikua Yoshi
Nana's father.

Ikua Setsuko
Nana's grandmother.

Yamzi Rio
Leiko's mother.

Yamzi Kazuki
Leiko's father.

Yamzi Murabito
Leiko's 18-years-old brother who works at the bakery.

Yamzi Hitsuji
Leiko's 10-years-old sister who was in 5th grade.

Yamzi Kumo
Leiko's slained grandmother.

Yamzi Shimi
Leiko's slained grandfather.