Pretty Cure Cold & Sweet (Pretty Cure froid et au sucré) is Cure Lucky's second fan series. It's a story that has 45 episodes and takes place in France. There are 3 Pretty Cures in the anime. The theme is ice cream.


The story begins when the black-colored snow falls in the world called Icy Sweet Kingdom. It's a world where every day is winter. Icy Sweet Kingdom begin become weaker. Because the Evil Creams from Stinging Bitterness Kingdom attack Earth and turn some people's Soul Snow Flakes in Bitter Shadows. Then the princess of Icy Sweet Kingdom Princess Sugarette with her mascot goes on Earth to fight with the Evil Creams as Cure Caramel. Soon she became popular in Paris.

One day she was going to Earth again but her mother Qween Palaris says that Evil Creams become stronger every day, so it is dangerous to have only one protector. Sugarette dislikes this idea but still agreed. She found the other Cures but they was opposite sides of themselfs.


Pretty CuresEdit

Lucille Angles/ Cure Vanilla

Danette Armond/ Cure Chocolate

Princess Sugarette/ Mirabelle Jean-Charles/ Cure Caramel









Misufa (monsters)


  1. I don't need any help from anybody! Je n'ai pas besoin d'aide de personne!
  2. Why I became a Cure? Pourquoi je suis devenu un Cure?
  3. Just don't worry. Ne vous inquiétez pas.
  4. They are intolerable! Ils sont intolérables!
  5. You are part of me Vous êtes une partie de moi
  6. Lost in the big city? Where is Mirabelle!? Perdu dans la grande ville? Où est Mirabelle!?
  7. Broken mirror - broken dreams... Miroir brisé - rêves brisés...