Sparkling Pretty Cure ! is the latest season of the Pretty Cure anime series , which was produced by Toei Animation and Bandai . It was premiered in February 9 , 2015 as it was once replaced Shining Pretty Cure . Its main motif of the series is based on  . It also have total of 53 episodes .



Pretty Cures

Akane Cyrielle / Cure Prism

Akane was a 14-year old young girl who was always cheerful and hyper as she always play around too much but she seems to help her friends and others out in need . However , she can be clumsy and also really shy when showing her true feeling toward the others . Akane can be also seems to be active and she loves adventures very much . Her catchphrase as a leader was : "Let me do this in my own way !" . Her alter ego was Cure Prism and she also have her power-up form called Ultra Cure Prism . She controls the element of light and her theme colour was pink .

Xeyn Abilene / Cure Sapphire

Xeyn was a rather tomboyish girl as she always lose to funny remarks and also seems to be clumsy sometimes . However , she was skillful at martial arts as she used them for her defensive purposes . After she witnessed that Akane have became Cure Prism , she eventually became Cure Sapphire and she joined up with Cure Prism soon afterwards . Her alter ego was Cure Sapphire and her theme colour was blue . She also controls the element of water .

Jay Bellebrooke / Cure Lemon

Jay was a young girl who was born in the rich family . However , her personality was that she was very snobby and proud Despite that , Jay also seems to care for her friends and family although she was selfish . When she witnessed Cure Prism was in danger , she immediately accepts and eventually becaming Cure Lemon . After defeating the monster , Jay was accepted by Akane and she became the team member . Her alter ego was Cure Lemon


Episode 1 : " The Birth of the Light ! The Arrival of Cure Prism ! "

Episode 2 : " Fighting Machine of Water ! Cure Sapphire Appears ! "

Episode 3 : " Lightning Speed ! Cure Lemon's Thunder Strike ! "

Episode 4 : "

Episode 5 : "

Episode 6 : "