Tachibana Usagi
橘 うさぎ Tachibana Usagi
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Age 14
Gender Female
Season Angel Tale Pretty Cure
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Birthdate March 3
Eye Color Blue(Usagi)

Turquoise(Cure Bubble)

Hair Color Darkish orange(Usagi)

Blonde(Cure Bubble)

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Alter Ego Cure Bubble
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Tachibana Usagi is the secondary main character of Angel Tale Pretty Cure. She is Mayu Ringo's classmate and best friend. Usagi became the second Pretty Cure after Ringo. Her mascot is Chuzu and her alter ego is Cure Bubble (キュアバブル Kyua Baburu).


Usagi is a very dreamy girl. Her hobby is reading books, so she is shown with a book in her hands  many times. She has a carefree and naive nature. Having a great imagination she writes books. Usagi often can't explain her thilings, because she has too many thoughts. Also Usagi is curious and likes intresting news. Sometimes she acts a bit silly.


Meeting RingoEdit

It was a break time at the school. Ringo was looking for new friends. Some girls found her strange and go away. She looked around and saw Usagi. Ringo said "Hello!" to her, but the girl just overlooked her.

After school Ringo drew attention to Usagi. She asked to be friends.

Becoming Cure BubbleEdit

Cure BubbleEdit

"Saint drop of dream, Cure Bubble!"


"Yume no sandoroppu, Kyua Baburu!"

Cure Bubble (キュアバブル Kyua Baburu) is Usagi's alter ego. She has a power of soap water and represents dream.


  • Pretty Cure! Aqua Burst! (プリキュア!アクアバスト人! Purikyua! Akua Basuto!)
  • Pretty Cure! Foam Sparkle! (プリキュア!フォームスパークル! Purikyua! Foam Supaakuru!)